Do you trust God?

Do you trust God in an even/if or an if/then way? If/then faith says, “God, IF you will do this for me, THEN I will do that for you.” Even/if faith says, “God, EVEN IF you do this or allow that, l will trust you.”

Joni Eareckson Tada lost her ability to walk in a diving accident 50 years ago. She continues to say to God, “EVEN IF you never heal me in this life, I will trust and serve you from this chair.”

The Jamison Pals family, on their way to training for Christian service in Japan, were all killed in a car accident nearly one year ago. Four members of the Gordon White family died in a car accident last month after having spent a week at a Bible camp. These followers of Christ didn’t say, “God, IF you’ll protect us, we’ll serve you.” They said “EVEN IF you don’t protect us, we will serve you.”

Job, the man known for his suffering, demonstrated even/if faith. “Though he slay me, yet will I hope in him.” (Job 13:15) That’s extreme! But it’s good. It shows supreme trust in God’s goodness, beyond all human logic. Ask God for that kind of relationship with him. Then, even if life gets tough, you’ll have the best life ever.

2017 07 22 - faith-Job


Do you trust God?

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