Seven good reasons

Seven good reasons to get involved in a church – millennial edition

7. Learn new music, sing great songs

6. Enjoy real community
5. Get to know people not your age (hold a baby, chat with a senior citizen, hang out with a tween, learn from newlyweds)

4. Use your skills (music, technology, landscaping, teaching, art, drama, sports, coffee, social advocacy, finance … just about every church needs people who know these things)

3. Call out and be called out – not always easy but always beneficial

2. Pray – find out how to talk to the God of the universe, the God who knows your name, the God who loves the sound of your voice

1. Discover God – find out what it’s like to be connected to the most powerful, good and awesome person you will ever meet

Yes, some of this can happen outside of church. But the whole package is the real deal. Try it.
2017 07 29 - worship 2
Seven good reasons

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