Wallenberg’s playbook

2017 08 04 - homelessRaoul Wallenberg would turn 105 today. But he likely didn’t live to see his 34th birthday, having disappeared from Hungary near the end of WWII, after saving thousands of Jews from extermination. Wallenberg was Swedish, wealthy, an architect and businessman. He was sent to Budapest in 1944 with Sweden’s diplomatic corps, where his persistent efforts saved thousands of Jews’ lives. Today he is honored around the world for his courage and compassion. Oh, that we might all be a little more like Raoul. We may not find ourselves jumping atop a train loaded with Jews to distribute fake (life-saving) passports while being shot at by Nazi sympathizers, but in each of our worlds, we can stand up for the oppressed, put an arm around the hurting, go out of our way to care for someone in need.

Take a page from Wallenberg’s playbook. Be brave today. Step up for the defenseless, love the seemingly unloved. Show Jesus to them.

Wallenberg’s playbook

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