About God

2017 03 - book coverWas there a real person named Jesus? If he was God, why did he die? If he died, how can he be alive now? How can one God be three persons? Am I asking too many questions?

Got questions about Jesus? Looking for non-threatening ways to dialogue about him with friends? Enjoy humor with depth? Then you’ll love this book, reviewed by Entrust’s own Deborah Covert.

About God

Bringing Up Bébé

2016 06 - Engage book reviewBringing Up Bébé: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting, by Pamela Druckerman

Reviewed by Sherry Bohn, Entrust

This is a very practical, realistic look at some baffling questions: Why do most French babies sleep through the night at three months and American babies do not? Why do French children rarely throw temper tantrums? Why do French children eat an amazing variety of healthy vegetables while American children fill up on snack foods? How can French parents look so rested and balanced even though they are raising small children?

While living in France, Pamela Druckerman went on a search for answers to these and other questions. She had to dig deep, however, because French parents couldn’t easily tell her what they were doing that was different from what she (an American parent) was doing. Desperation pushed her to find the practical answers.

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Bringing Up Bébé

A good, slow read for spiritual pilgrims

2016 03 18 - Conformed to His ImageConformed to His Image by Kenneth Boa
Reviewed by Dwight Ekholm, Entrust, Austria

Conformed to His Image is not a new book; it was first published in 2001. And it is anything but a trendy attempt to cash in on the widespread contemporary fascination with spirituality. Rather, it is a classic I suggest should be read slowly, thoughtfully and repeatedly.

Dr. Boa describes the Christian life as a journey, but he does not prescribe a one-size-fits-all roadmap for spiritual pilgrims. Instead, in this meticulously researched and well-written seminary level textbook, the author sets forth and analyzes 12 distinct facets of spiritual formation: Relational, Paradigm, Disciplined, Exchanged Life, Motivated, Devotional, Holistic, Process, Spirit-Filled, Warfare, Nurturing and Corporate Spirituality.

My colleague, Rob Shaffer, and I recently spent the better part of a year working through and discussing Conformed to His Image chapter by chapter. We benefited greatly from Boa’s balance of biblical exegesis, extensive quotation from a wide range of sources and examples from his own varied personal experience. Each of the 36 chapters includes a list of questions for personal application which lend themselves to lively group discussion as well as individual reflection.

Having expounded a dozen facets of the jewel of spiritual formation, Dr. Boa concludes his 500-page gem with final insights on what it takes to finish well, followed by a fascinating appendix on the need for diversity in spiritual formation and a succinct historical survey of spirituality entitled The Richness of our Heritage.

The spiritual life is a journey, and Kenneth Boa is a knowledgeable, experienced guide — one whose insights and guidance I highly recommend following!

A good, slow read for spiritual pilgrims