Living in a culture you weren’t born in? Whether you’re an expat in the U.S. or a North American living elsewhere, we think you’ll love this article. Lots of us at Entrust are or have been expats. These real-life tips really ring true. To all the “stay-ers,” this is for you!

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Enjoying pizza

2016 02 24 - Thai pizza
Entrust’s Al and Mary Ginter enjoyed pizza with visiting Entrust staff in Thailand a few months ago. It’s interesting to discover how various nationalities add their own touch to traditional foods from other places. An Italian probably wouldn’t recognize the flavor combo of this particular pizza, but it’s probably delicious just the same.

For a taste of the cultural collisions occurring all around our increasingly small world, try out this recipe. Some of those collisions yield some pretty happy (and tasty) results.

May our presence as Christians in the midst of our society—Thai society, Italian society, society at the workplace, in our neighborhoods—yield equally pleasant results.

Enjoying pizza

Running cross-country.

cross country

It’s not for the faint of heart. As a runner, a parent, a coach or a fan, you know how hard these kids (and adults) run. Charging across fields, golf courses, hills, valleys, woods … the terrain might be lovely but the athletes aren’t tourists. No time for selfies. Sure-footed, intent on a goal, often not seen by cheering fans, cross-country runners just go for it.

Entrust’s workers are kind of like that. Rather than cross-country, they’re going cross-cultural, moving into new territory where the ground isn’t always smooth, where whatever watchers may be on hand are likely not cheering. It can be lonely. It is challenging. There are obstacles.

But like those intrepid cross-country runners, they have a goal. Unlike the runners, our workers won’t get a ribbon or a trophy. But they will know they’ve pressed on, hard, to invest their lives in men and women who in turn will shepherd local churches.

It’s hard going, but oh so worth it.

As you attend meets or see people jog past your house, pray for Entrust’s cross-cultural workers.

Running cross-country.

The 7 Lies of Living Cross Culturally

We at Entrust place great value on understanding one’s cultural context and not making assumptions or imposing Western ideals. For anyone who has lived or may consider living cross-culturally, this article from Healthy Leaders addresses some great points along with a dose of humor. It is well worth the time to click and read on…

Healthy LeadersThe 7 Lies of Living Cross Culturally

People who live cross-culturally for any significant portion of their lives are often duped.

When we first choose to live as foreigners we are prime for the suckering.  We are wide-eyed and overflowing with enthusiasm.  We soak up everything that Lonely Planet, Rosetta Stone and Wikipedia have to offer about our soon-to-be new home.  In our zeal, we are prone to misgauging our own proficiency.

We are pumped . . . and ready . . . and oh so naive.

Set for swindling. Read more.

The 7 Lies of Living Cross Culturally