Spiritual journeys

Lilie loves serving women. Natasha Madu simply radiates. And Angel can’t help herself, she just has to speak about her savior. Read these beautiful ladies’ stories, hear them describe portions of their spiritual journeys and discover the one friend they have in common – a lady named Sandy.

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Pictured: Natasha Madu 2017-02-natasha

Spiritual journeys

Starting life anew in Slovakia

Dustin and Miriam Combs are from the Phoenix, Arizona, area. Dustin served in many roles over 13 years at their home church, most recently as assistant pastor in hospitality and student ministries. Miriam taught elementary school in Phoenix for seven years. Having served short-term seven summers in the Czech Republic with Josiah Venture and later in Slovakia with another youth ministry, they learned of Entrust through staff members Mark and Beth Van Bebber.

Dustin, Miriam and son Theo arrived in Banská Bystrice, Slovakia, in September. Their immediate goals include, “solidify our place of residence, set up class times at the language school, establish day care for Theo while we go to class, switch to local cell phone service and internet for our flat, buy things we need for daily living, open a local bank account and familiarize ourselves with Entrust training materials. Once this is done, the major focus will be on language learning.” In addition, Dustin says, “I (or we) will shadow staff member Rob Shaffer as he meets with leaders and pastors in Slovakia, and join occasional youth camps. We plan to use this time to build relationships and see Entrust trainings and groups in practice.”

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Starting life anew in Slovakia

ROMANIA: an Entrust travelogue

One of Entrust’s first countries of concentrated ministry. No Entrust staff live in Romania now that national church-based ministry leadership training is led by Romanians under the auspices of EBE-Romania (launched by first- and second-generation Entrust students).

CAPITAL: Bucharest

FAMOUS PEOPLE: Nadia Comaneci (first gymnast to score a perfect 10), Nicolae Paulescu (discovered insulin), Petrache Poenaru (invented the fountain pen).

NATURAL BEAUTY: Carpathian Mountains, Danube River, Black Sea. The Danube Delta, where the river flows into the Black Sea, is on UNESCO’s World Heritage list as the best preserved delta in Europe, home to hundreds of animal and plant species.

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ROMANIA: an Entrust travelogue

It’s not easy being a pastor

It’s not easy being a pastor. Especially if you’re a pastor in a culture where people rarely say, “Good job” about anything, where “encouragement” greeting cards are expensive and rarely given, where no one’s heard of anything called Pastor Appreciation Month. In other words, in Europe, where encouragement is simply not ingrained in the culture.

Pastors in Hungary are among those who serve their congregations with joy and energy all year, often with very little encouragement, let alone rest or refreshment. Which is why Entrust’s annual camp for Hungarian pastors and their families – underway now – is so appreciated here.2016 08 12 - Hungry

Take just a moment now to pray for each pastor, each spouse, each kid at camp. Ask God to refresh, rejuvenate, encourage, inspire, maybe even heal, each one. Ask God to strengthen Entrust’s Mark Van Bebber and Monty Taylor as they lead and serve at this camp. Pray that this camp, ending tomorrow, will lead to a year of even more excellent ministry in Hungary, to the glory of God.


It’s not easy being a pastor

August prayer bridge

August Prayer Bridge

Pray for:

  • faithful giving from Entrust supporters during what is often a slow financial month; diligence for staff needing to raise funds

  • pastors’ family camp, Hungary, Aug. 8-13; for Mark Van Bebber and Monty Taylor, who share multiple responsibilities

  • Emily T., completing her STEP term (gap year internship) this month in Vienna, Austria, joining Entrust staff and partners working with refugees

  • writers’ workshop in Colorado Springs, Aug. 17-19, to expand the number of people able to train teams of national writers to create interactive, contextualized curriculum
August prayer bridge

Please pray

July Prayer Bridge
JULY 2016

Please pray for:

  • David and Nancy Goodman traveling in Africa, meeting with Entrust and MMD staff in several countries; July 4-20.
  • Biblical counseling conference in Czech Republic, organized by Jerry and Marilyn Farnik, on “God’s Design for Sexuality;” July 27-30.

  • Summer ministries underway – camps, conferences, Vacation Bible Schools – worldwide.

  • Learners and facilitators studying and preparing now for ministry training in Texas in September, and in Latvia and Thailand in October.
Please pray