Effective questions

“Learning to ask effective questions is much like bringing a camera lens into focus — it makes Scriptures sharp and clear.” – Kim Huffman, first-time FRL (Facilitating Relational Learning) participant, Colorado, June 2017.

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Entrust’s FRL training module features heavy emphasis on the art and value of excellent question-asking on the part of a small group leader. We offer FRL at centralized hubs worldwide and can arrange local trainings by request and as our schedules allow. Find out more at www.entrust4.org/wwmtmodules. (Don’t let the word “women” on that page throw you off. We offer this training for men and co-ed groups, too!)

Effective questions

Will you join me?

by Kim Huffman

The heartbeat of Entrust just might be Facilitating Relational Learning (FRL). I took it for the first time in June. Here’s what I discovered.

This week-long course models the advantages of facilitating discussions as we lead small groups. I did not hear, or miss, lectures or boring discourses. As participants, we related to each other and our well-prepared facilitators through questions, dialogue, activities, presentations, critiques and laughter. Focused lessons specifically tailored to our group promoted learning on mental and spiritual levels. Practicality, my own personal requirement for any adult education, overflowed from each lesson.

What is my biggest take-away? I better understand the power of thoughtful questions to engage people like Jesus did. I will use the skills I gained daily, in personal and professional relationships, to multiply more leaders to multiply more churches.

Will YOU join me? Find an upcoming training near you at www.entrust4.org/hubs or ask questions by calling 1.719.622.1980 or emailing info@entrust4.org.

2017 07 - Spotlight

Will you join me?

Small group leadership skills

Challenging! Insightful! Doable! Revolutionary!

What are these women describing? Entrust’s Facilitating Relational Learning (FRL) module, which enhances a person’s small group leadership skills in ways hard to put into words. The woman who used these words took FRL in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, over two long weekends in January and February.

Facilitator Sherry Bohn says she heard the ladies say more than once, “I can do this.” They discovered FRL isn’t so difficult that it can only be done by a “professional” or specially gifted person. At the same time, women who had been in some sort of Christian ministry for decades came away with an expanded view of ministry and what God can do through them.

Check out FRL. Maybe it’s just the insightful, doable, revolutionary challenge you’ve been looking for.

2017 05 24 - Ft Wayne
Small group leadership skills

A stretching experience

Rachel Wilson, who serves with SIM in Ethiopia, traveled in December to introduce Entrust’s “Facilitating Relational Learning” (FRL) to Sunday School teachers and other church workers. Her report is beautiful.

“My trip to Saula, Ethiopia, was a stretching experience. I learned a lot about myself, what it is like to be the only white person (“ferenji”) and have someone translate for me while trying to facilitate.

“The 20 ladies in the training ranged from ages 13 to 38 and they were amazing. I loved hanging out with them during break times, singing songs in Amharic or Gofa (the local dialect). They had great discussion times and asked really good open questions when they did their practice facilitations.

“Please pray for these ladies as they take FRL back to their homes and churches. Pray for the courage to do something different and that it will be accepted and others will want to follow their suit.”


A stretching experience

Sharing my life

Becky Segrest is a WWMT* student, facilitator and mentor in Texas. She’s taken and facilitated our modules multiple times and continues to meet informally with many of her DDH* ladies.

SL-2016 04
“One of the most helpful things I learned in these modules is the use of good, open-ended questions. This practice has changed how I relate to a group. FRL* helps a woman feel more confident to step out and lead a group of women in any type of Bible study. This module is very effective in encouraging meaningful conversations within the group.

“Although I am not normally a self-examining person, DDH helped me begin to examine areas of my heart/life I had never considered, especially revealing areas that were not open to God … where I wasn’t depending on God and his guidance. Several ladies in our groups have problems such as illnesses, loss of a husband or child or job, or difficulty with grown children. After studying DDH together, they’ve opened their hearts to share their pain or even sometimes their shame. I would highly recommend these modules to any woman who wants to begin leading studies or sharing life in more meaningful ways with other women.”

*WWMT: Women-to-Women Ministry Training
*DDH: Developing a Discerning Heart, WWMT core training module
*FRL: Facilitating Relational Learning, WWMT core training module

For more information on WWMT, go to www.entrust4.org/WWMT.

Or, sign up for training in:
~Maryland in late July/early August
~Texas in September (hurry to get early bird fees)
~Thailand in late October/early November
Go to www.entrust4.org/2016Training to register.

Sharing my life

What’s your learning style?

2016 03 07 - learning styles

We all have learning preferences. Some common learning styles include visual, auditory learners and tactile/kinesthetic. Some of us are internal processors (we learn by thinking things through), others external processors (we develop understanding by talking things out).

All of these are discussed and incorporated in Entrust’s training module, Facilitating Relational Learning (FRL). FRL participants learn to accommodate all learning styles in small group settings. Especially for those tactile/kinesthetic learners, facilitators provide hands-on learning activities, and, quite often, a variety of items to simply hold or work on with their hands during meeting times.

A recent women’s ministry training module in Latvia must have had a few energetic tactile learners, as evidenced by this poor little squishy-bear. His loss of shape likely means at least one Latvian lady’s gain in understanding.

Learn more about learning styles and facilitating adult learning with sensitivity, by taking an FRL module this year. Learn more about training opportunities.

What’s your learning style?