Summertime and the lemonade’s a-flowin’! As you sip, savor and soak in the sun this summer, keep in touch. Drop a note to the Entrust staff member you support. Pray for Entrust summer initiatives via our Prayer Bridge ( Make a special donation to Entrust in general or the staff member or project of your choice ( Comment on or share a favorite Entrust Facebook post. Right now. Anytime. We love hearing from you.

2017 06 27 - Lemonade


Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is tomorrow! Entrust has great giving options for you, ranging from $50 to $500 to any amount you choose.

Underwrite skills training for refugees in Kurdistan to help them support their families. Buy a goat and two chickens to build life skills and educational financial assistance for Zimbabwean youth. Provide Muslim-background believers with culturally-relevant Bible story-telling skills. Strengthen Moldovans in inductive Bible study. Equip future pastors and church leaders through a refugee Bible Institute in the Middle East.

Send a 13th gift for the Entrust staff member you already support. Or, send a gift of any amount to be used where needed most.

The first $30,000 in donations tomorrow will be matched dollar-for-dollar, with the matching dollars supporting Entrust’s overall operations. Pray now. Give tomorrow. Thank you!

Giving Tuesday

Abundant giving

Giving Tuesday is becoming a day of increasingly abundant giving. It’s an annual event launched in the U.S. on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving in 2012, encouraging thankful Americans to give to charitable organizations.


We’re asking God to provide $100,000 to Entrust on that one day through friends like you and a generous matching grant. Every dollar you donate on Giving Tuesday will go directly to staff and special projects. Every matching dollar will strengthen Entrust’s overall ministry.

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Abundant giving

Seven holidays we wish existed

7. National No Calories Count if Eaten by Refrigerator Light Day (anything eaten while standing in front of open refrigerator, on this day only, becomes calorie-free)

2016 08 02 - Barney6. Hug a Housekeeper Day (these hard working people deserve a little extra encouragement at least once a year)

5. Belly Laugh Day (if we have a day devoted to giving thanks, why not one focused on laughter, laughing until you fall off your chair, can’t breathe and need a tissue?)

4. Mice Are People Too Day (one day in the year to honor the most denigrated of all pets, the cute little mouse in the cage)

3. Talk Like Barney Day (pirate talk gets a day; we’d like a whole day when we all say “Nip it!” and “Let me bring it down to your level” and “Yep, giraffes sure are selfish,” ala Barney Fife of The Andy Griffith show)

2. Pull a Dandelion Day (together, we could make a dent in a noxious weed problem)

Finally, the one holiday we at Entrust would MOST would like to see installed on the calendar

1. National Give a Little Extra to Your Favorite Cause Day (as in, send a special donation to an organization you love and trust. Entrust, perhaps?)

Seven holidays we wish existed