Healthy Leaders

“How” matters as much as “what” when it comes to training that transforms lives. Yes, content is key, but it falls flat if learners don’t fully grasp it. We at Entrust work with local Christians to discover locally sensitive and effective approaches to “how” to train leaders in and for the local church. Our friends at, who, by the way, often feature the writings of our CEO, David Goodman, often hold a closely similar view. Gain greater insight into Entrust’s understanding of instructional design through this 3-part series by HealthyLeaders’ Executive Director Malcolm Webber. (If you have time for only one installment, Part 3 most closely aligns with Entrust’s thinking and methodology; though the series builds the thought exceptionally well.)

You can find Part 1 here.

And Part 2.

2017 10 04 - HL

Healthy Leaders