Entrust in Africa

Fulfilling the Great Commission with African flair.

Jesus’ Great Commission concludes with, “teaching them to obey all that I have commanded you.” What does obeying Jesus’ commands look like in Zimbabwe? How do you shepherd a church in a slum in Kenya? How does discipleship play out amid ethnic strife in Burundi? Entrust’s African colleagues are figuring it out. Guess what: in at least one case, the answer involved goats. Click on the link below to read more.


Entrust in Africa

WWMT June training

Thirty-six women. 7,297 feet above sea level. Six days. Four learning modules. Unlimited a-ha moments.

Here’s a taste of Entrust’s Women-to-Women Ministry Training (WWMT) June session in Colorado, produced by our own Liz L. If you’re one of the 36, savor the memories. If you aren’t and you’re interested, consider joining us overseas or in the U.S.

2016 08 24 - WWMT

Check out our training calendar, www.entrust4.org/wwmt/calendar.

WWMT June training

Training in Moldova

Joseph Cariceni is a pastor and the regional pastoral supervisor in a Baptist denomination in Moldova. Two years ago, he recruited 12 men in their 20s for Entrust’s course about the basics of the faith, Walking with Christ.

The 12 men, lay pastors from six churches, just recently completed the course . One reason for the slow pace – the young men had many questions and wanted to be sure they understood each point before moving forward. Over these two years, Joseph also trained George, the deacon who assisted him as a facilitator.

This is the third Entrust course Joseph has offered in his region, training facilitators each time. In addition, he’s almost completed Discovering the Treasures of God’s Word under the leadership of Entrust’s Harvey Newton, and is eager to in turn pass that training along to others. Joseph and his well-equipped facilitators, including George, are nearly at the point of meeting Entrust Moldova’s criteria for being considered a church-based training center.

2016 05 23 - Moldova
from left, front row: George [deacon],
Harvey Newton [Entrust staff member], Joseph [pastor]
Training in Moldova

Pray for Timothy

2016 05 16 - Kids

One day in late February, I was having lessons with one of my groups in Zimbabwe. One of my facilitators came in and asked me what time I would finish the lesson. I told him that particular lesson would end at 1:00, but I was to meet another group at 4:00. He then told me five pastors were outside waiting. They wanted to start learning today. One of them travelled very far and could not return home without at least an introduction.

So at 1:00, the five pastors – four men and one woman – came in. Among them was Timothy, the one who’d travelled 300 kilometers from his rural area to hear about our MMD program. Timothy is not only a pastor, he is also a school teacher.

Timothy got the information, went home, worked on all his assignments and completed the course in less than a month. This has never happened before. The quickest I can remember anyone completing that course is two months. Timothy has now recruited six other teachers from his school. Next quarter we might start a new group in Timothy’s area, an area we’ve not been before.

Pray for Timothy. We might consider training him as one of our facilitators. As men and women like him sharpen their local pastoral ministry skills, children like those in the photo face brighter futures, transformed by Jesus Christ.

[This true story is from Entrust colleague Dr. Elesinah Chauke, who travels a training circuit in Zimbabwe with Entrust’s African ministry partner, More than a Mile Deep, MMD.]

Pray for Timothy