Seven good reasons

Seven good reasons to get involved in a church – millennial edition

7. Learn new music, sing great songs

6. Enjoy real community
5. Get to know people not your age (hold a baby, chat with a senior citizen, hang out with a tween, learn from newlyweds)

4. Use your skills (music, technology, landscaping, teaching, art, drama, sports, coffee, social advocacy, finance … just about every church needs people who know these things)

3. Call out and be called out – not always easy but always beneficial

2. Pray – find out how to talk to the God of the universe, the God who knows your name, the God who loves the sound of your voice

1. Discover God – find out what it’s like to be connected to the most powerful, good and awesome person you will ever meet

Yes, some of this can happen outside of church. But the whole package is the real deal. Try it.
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Seven good reasons

Operation CrossGen

operation-cross-gen-2017Boomers, millennials and all manner of alphabet people – Gen X, Y, Z – we all know which batch we’re born into. Much is made of our differences. So here’s an idea. What about shooting for greater involvement with a tribe other than your own in 2017? How would it feel to find a few people from generations other than your own and intentionally get to know them, listen to them, find out how they think and even, gulp, what they think about your generation. Up for it?

Let’s give this thing a name. Let’s call it Operation CrossGen. Leave a note below if you’re in. We’ll track with you during 2017 and compare notes along the way.

Operation CrossGen

Good examples

2016-12-08-video-games“I just want to play video games.” How many times have you heard this? Or, be honest, how many times have you said it?

A huge number of people in the western world spend far too many hours sitting in front of screens, engaging in virtual fighting, war, chases or matching up pieces of animated candy. Relaxing? Maybe. Good for you? Overall, probably not so much. Evidence of being stuck in adolescence? Quite possibly.

Older generations complain that millennials are lazy. But, conversely, how often do millennials see their elders indulging in the same non-productive activities?

In other words, maybe all of us need to grow up. Let’s determine to set good examples for each other in the coming year. Boomers and GenXers, encourage your millennials to get out of the basement and talk. Millennials, drag those older folks out of their easy chairs and into the real world. You never know. It could be refreshing!

Good examples

Who could you learn from today?

The baby boomer and the millennial. Sounds like a 1950s movie, right? Actually, that might not be a bad idea for a new film. And it is the theme of this fantastic 4-minute video.

We ignore or disregard people of other age groups to our disadvantage. We need each other! Churches thrive when varied generations worship God, learn, serve and grow side by side, in community.

Who could you learn from today? Someone “old?” Someone “young?” Dive in. Ask some questions. See what they have to offer. You’re likely in for a beautifully pleasant surprise.

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Who could you learn from today?

Millennials and the church

The church needs millennials and millennials need the church. Here are some honest ideas on reaching millennials from Entrust’s own Katie Hoffman.

“We crave substance. We can see right through the fancy coffee shops and flashy light shows some churches use to “attract” our age group. Sadly, many Christians are afraid of “offending.” We end up without the truth, when all we want is something real—like friendship!

2016 01 28 - millennial

“Many of us are struggling to survive financially. A lot of us hold several jobs, especially since we can’t count on social security being there for us. When I worked Saturday nights until 12, it was hard to get to church in the morning. I also worked Sunday afternoons, which made it hard to want to go to morning church. It would be great if churches could offer morning and evening services so we don’t have to miss out if we work weekends.

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Millennials and the church