Please pray in March

ANC-03 Prayer bridge

Please pray for:

March 6-10: Thank God for opportunities to present workshops and meet with students at the World Evangelization Conference at Dallas Theological Seminary. Ask the Lord to lead potential recruits to consider joining Entrust.

March 24-April 1: Intercede for women from multiple countries, sharpening ministry skills together at our Women-to-Women Ministry Training (WWMT) hub in Switzerland.

March 27-April 5: Lift up the women who are gaining ministry training in Brazil, at the training hub organized by our ministry partner, Equipping Women International (EWI).

Late March and April: Pray for Harvey Newton as he teaches pastors and ministry leaders in Moldova.

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Please pray in March

Training in Moldova

Joseph Cariceni is a pastor and the regional pastoral supervisor in a Baptist denomination in Moldova. Two years ago, he recruited 12 men in their 20s for Entrust’s course about the basics of the faith, Walking with Christ.

The 12 men, lay pastors from six churches, just recently completed the course . One reason for the slow pace – the young men had many questions and wanted to be sure they understood each point before moving forward. Over these two years, Joseph also trained George, the deacon who assisted him as a facilitator.

This is the third Entrust course Joseph has offered in his region, training facilitators each time. In addition, he’s almost completed Discovering the Treasures of God’s Word under the leadership of Entrust’s Harvey Newton, and is eager to in turn pass that training along to others. Joseph and his well-equipped facilitators, including George, are nearly at the point of meeting Entrust Moldova’s criteria for being considered a church-based training center.

2016 05 23 - Moldova
from left, front row: George [deacon],
Harvey Newton [Entrust staff member], Joseph [pastor]
Training in Moldova

From a bus seat to a bold presentation

by Harvey Newton, Entrust

SanduSandu often gave up his bus seat to a woman he didn’t know on the daily trip from his village to the town where he attended college in Moldova. On the first day of the next school year, he was surprised to see that his biology teacher was the woman from the bus; she recognized Sandu, too.

Sandu answered questions on an exam in her class about the origin of life according to the naturalistic perspective presented in his textbook. Then, he added the biblical view using Bible quotations. After reading his exam, his teacher asked him to share the views he’d presented with the class. Rejoicing in his heart, he began. When students tried to object to something he said, the teacher repeatedly told them, “Wait, he is giving his views, which is what I asked him to do.”

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From a bus seat to a bold presentation

MOLDOVA: an Entrust travelogue

Aug. 27, 1991 — 24 years ago today a new country, the Republic of Moldova, was born. Bordered on the north, east and south by Ukraine and separated from Romania (its ethnic twin) on the west by the Prut River, over 3.5 million people live here. Entrust traveled into this region during the communist years to train pastors, church leaders and staff. Many of those Moldovans continue in church leadership roles today.


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MOLDOVA: an Entrust travelogue

An “oops” becomes a “wow” when God’s in charge

by Harvey Newton

Harvey Newton preaching in Moldova

On a recent visit to Moldova we experienced a little mix-up. The senior pastor of a Moldovan church wanted me to preach at a baptismal service, and thought he had communicated that desire to me. Unfortunately, I didn’t get (or didn’t understand) the message.

During the church service, the moment for the sermon came and the pastor motioned to a translator to call me to the pulpit. I was taken by surprise. I didn’t have my Bible. So, I got up and preached spontaneously through John 3:1-16, from memory.

God brought people to faith during that service!

(Harvey is an Entrust staff member who lives in Louisiana and travels frequently to Moldova to train pastors and leaders.)

An “oops” becomes a “wow” when God’s in charge

No longer intimidated by Romans

Ioan Bondarencoby Harvey Newton, Moldova

Ioan Bondarenco, a 30-year-old Moldovan, served occasionally as a lay preacher in his home church. About a year ago he was appointed acting pastor in a small church in southwestern Moldova. He realized after taking this role he needed to study the Bible much more than he had when he was one of several lay preachers. He says the things he’s learned through Entrust have enabled him to study and preach more adequately.

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No longer intimidated by Romans