October Prayer Bridge

Prayer Bridge

Pray for God to transform hearts, churches and communities through our ministries this month.

Oct. 2-6: Pray for each person attending new staff orientation this week as they prepare to begin their service with Entrust

Oct. 4-7: Pray for learners and facilitators (team led by Italian colleague Cristina M.) during WWMT training in Naples, Italy

Oct. 11-13: Ask God to guide each conversation between our mobilization team and students during Moody Bible Institute’s mission conference in Chicago

Oct. 13-15, 20-22: Intercede on behalf of Latvian learners and facilitators (team led by Mo Blackmon), during WWMT training in Riga, Latvia

Oct. 24-28: Provide strong prayer coverage for our first-ever WWMT training in the Middle East (team led by Corrie McCann)

Oct. 27-28: Lift up Entrust’s board of directors as they meet, seek God, plan and pray in Colorado Springs

Oct. 31-Nov. 9: Pray for international women in ministry as they learn and refine skills at the training hub in Thailand organized by our partners at Equipping Women International, incorporating WWMT materials and staff

October Prayer Bridge

Prayer Bridge – September

ANC-09 Prayer bridge

Pray for God to transform hearts, churches and communities through our ministries this month

Sept. 15-17: Developing a Discerning Heart (DDH) module, Part 1, Budapest, with Entrust facilitators Barb A., Trish Barrett and Beth Van Bebber

Sept. 19-23: Entrust COO Mark Huffman and his wife, Kim, visiting and encouraging Entrust staff in Europe

Sept. 21-23: Facilitating Relational Learning (FRL) module, Part 2, Minneapolis, with Entrust facilitator Sherry Bohn and team

Sept. 25-Oct. 2: All four core training modules offered at Entrust’s Texas hub, coordinated by Entrust’s Joycelyn S.

Sept. 29-Oct. 1: DDH module, Part 2, Budapest

Prayer Bridge – September

August Prayer Bridge

August Prayer Bridge

Please pray for:

The Lord to guide Monty Taylor as he speaks on the “I AM” passages from the book of John, Reformed Church camp, Budapest, Hungary, July 31-Aug. 5.

God’s work in each participant’s life through Developing a Discerning Heart (DDH) Part 2 at Stonebriar Community Church, Frisco, Texas, Aug. 3-6.

Understanding and growing faith in each child at VBS organized by Jerry and Marilyn Farnik in Prague, Czech Republic, Aug. 7-11.

Kids and their parents to come open to the gospel during evangelistic basketball camp organized by Jeff Allen in Budapest, Hungary, Aug. 9-13.

Excellent learning for all at Part 1 of a co-ed Facilitating Relational Learning (FRL) module led by Sherry Bohn and team in Minneapolis, Aug. 22-24.

Continued learning and application of skills at Discovery Bible Study (DBS) and FRL Part 2, Stonebriar Community Church, Aug. 24-27

August Prayer Bridge

Prayer Bridge – July 2017

July Prayer Bridge
Please pray for:

July 15-22: God to draw hearts to himself at an evangelistic English camp in the Czech Republic organized by Jerry and Marilyn Farnik.

July 20-23: Excellent beginnings and deep learning for all participants in Discovery Bible Study (DBS) and Facilitating Relational Learning (FRL), Part 1, at Stonebriar Community Church in Texas, with Joycelyn S. and team.

July 26-29: Ministry strengthening for all at Jerry and Marilyn Farnik’s Entrust biblical counseling conference in the Czech Republic.

July 30-Aug. 5: Growth in maturity, in ministry skills and in walks with Christ during WWMT training at Entrust’s mid-Atlantic hub in Baltimore with Entrust facilitators Trish Barrett, Sherry Bohn, Amber Simpson and Liz L.

July 31-Aug. 4: Honest conversations and real grappling with truth during an evangelistic mountain adventure for youth in the Czech Republic, led by Jerry and Marilyn Farnik.

July 26-Aug. 19: Wise discernment and good communication with cross cultural partners, working together to create contextual, interactive extension training in a restricted access country.

To download and print the Prayer Bridge, go to www.entrust4.org/201707PB

Prayer Bridge – July 2017

June – Prayer Bridge

August P

Pray for:

June 9-16: 33 participants and eight facilitators at Entrust’s Colorado hub for four intensive ministry training modules – one co-ed and three all-women groups.

June 21-24: up to 170 pastors and church members attending Entrust’s Family Camp in Kurdistan, for refreshment and encouragement.

June 22-25: women taking WWMT’s Developing a Discerning Heart (DDH), meeting for the first of two intensive sessions over these four days at Stonebriar Community Church, Frisco, Texas.

June 24: 40-some women in southern Manitoba who’ve completed Lessons 1-5 in Entrust’s “Walking with Christ” course. They wrap up for the summer with today’s group celebration and re-convene in the fall.

All month: Praise God and pray for the three young people desiring to explore God’s call on their lives through Entrust’s short-term Serving To Equip People (STEP) initiative.

To download and print the Prayer Bridge.

June – Prayer Bridge

May 2017 Prayer Bridge

2015 05 Prayer bridge

Please pray for:

God to work through Entrust staff who are visiting, ministering and encouraging brothers and sisters in Christ, in Europe and the Middle East in the days following our global All-Staff Conference

Norma A., teaching oral story telling in Malaga, Spain, May 3-6

Human Resources Administrator Tim Covert, gaining recruitment inspiration at a mobilization ideation conference in Denver, May 18-19

CEO David Goodman, taking part in a leadership development conference in Thailand, May 22-26

Al and Mary G., beginning furlough in the U.S.

Full funding to come in toward a matching grant for a project in Asia

Read more and download a copy of this month’s Prayer Bridge.


May 2017 Prayer Bridge

Please pray – April 2017

Prayer Bridge

Many Entrust staff members are traveling in ministry this month. Pray for:

  • Alan W., meeting with national curriculum writers in Asia; pray the writers will understand the real needs of their students to develop relevant, life-changing ministry courses on marriage and intimacy with Christ.

  • Wendall Hollis, sharing three Easter-related sermons in Romania; ask God to move deeply in each heart.

  • Harvey Newton, training pastors and preaching in Moldova; pray that he, the trainees and translators might all continuously abide in Christ.

  • Debbie Skufca, visiting churches and encouraging women in Romania; pray for mutually edifying times together.

  • Corrie M., Tricia L., and Trish B., meeting with key people, exploring the possibility of women’s ministry training in a restricted access region of the world.

  • All Entrust staff, gathering for our All-Staff Conference late this month.
Please pray – April 2017